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The Digital Mythological Landscapes project was inspired by engagements with archaeological research, particularly that of sites that have been scanned using photogrammetry and other 3D scanning techniques. Some of these sites are in Kuruman and are sacred spaces and the home of the water snake (Noga ya metsi). Their presentations derived out of the 3D scanning focus on the ‘objective’ representation of these sites and prioritized the scan's usefulness for archaeological research. In doing this, however, the scans concealed the spiritual and ritual value of these places for some of the community members. Through the digital mythological landscapes project, we explore ways of engaging 3D models towards the re-mystifying of these landscapes and pushing back on what is seen as an extension of the colonial project which aimed to map the world and bring light to a ‘dark continent’ using a Cartesian framework, although the real intentions behind colonial mapping have been far more sinister.

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