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The research works presented here are intellectual projects aimed at framing and outlining ways of drawing (through drawing) humanity towards a deeper habitation. The research tries to reverse the harm done by the Cartesian, Enlightenment, and Colonial projects. It is framed within Indigenous Knowledge Systems intersecting with, but not subservient to, Western Knowledge

List of publications:

2022 The Drone, the Snake, and the Crystal: Manifesting Potency in 3D Digital Replicas of Living Heritage and Archaeological Places. 

2022 Drawing Creepy places: Representing Liminal Ritual Spaces of Kuruman, South Africa 

2021 Innovative Homo Sapiens Behaviour 105,000 years ago in a wetter Kalahari

2020. The role of ritual in Southern African hunter-gatherer environmental adaptation: A cultural neurophenomenological approach.

2020 Drawing Creepy Places:


2020 Fabric analysis and chronology at Ga-Mohana Hill North Rockshelter, southern KalahariBasin: evidence for in-situ, stratified Middle and Later Stone Age deposits:

Ph.D. Thesis 2017 Architecture for Resilience:


Masters Dissertation

2011 Ghost in My Town:

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