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Project Team: Sechaba Maape, Peter Rich, Shanti Souris  + Activate architects

Africa Town was a competition in collaboration with Peter Rich Architects and Activate architects. The competition required proposals to respond to the historical narrative related to the last illegal slave ship, the Clotilda, that stole Africans and transported them to America, specifically Mobile Alabama. Some of today’s contemporary residents of Mobile are the descendants of those who arrived on the Clotilda and have together with researchers initiated various activities that resulted in the rediscovery of the ship. The Africa Town competition was aimed at celebrating the African heritage of the community of Mobile, using this as an opportunity to heal the past and build development for a better future. Afreetekture was responsible for designing the Afrofuture Centre, an open pavilion space dedicated to the memory of African spaces and a way of speculating about how these may inform a future DNA for the development of identity for the people of Mobile. In Addition Afreetekture worked closely with Arch Peter Rich to do renderings of his designs for the Welcome Centre.

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