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NOGA MO JOZI exhibition

In this work Dr Sechaba Maape builds on his over ten-year research project in which he studied ritual in his community of Kuruman in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The work introduces what Maape calls repatriation and restitution through making, a process by which stolen or destroyed cultural knowledge is given back to the community. Maape’s work is deeply embedded within his African culture, albeit done in a contemporary way. His knowledge of his people’s rituals and ritual spaces, as well as his understanding of architecture and art give him a unique insight into new forms of visual and spatial tools. Ultimately these tools, and Maape’s entire project, are part of the process of re-aligning humanity with rhythm, and a deeper cosmic order in which God has set all things in to motion or animation. In Noga Mo Jozi, Maape invites Menzi Ndlovu, Dirk Coetser and Anita Szentesi to explore these ideas, and with the aid of AI, re-imagine Johannesburg as a city in the rhythms.

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